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Ongoing-Grantsmanship workshop organized for all research officers at NVRI (National Veterinary Research Institute) headquarters in Vom.

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  1. National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom invites you to her recruitment exams scheduled for 28th Aug, 2017 by 10:00am at the main Auditorium.
  2. Seminar :Topic: Ebola Virus Disease in Animals and Man. Presenters: Dr Clement Meseko. Moderator: Dr Tony Joannis. Date: Tuesday 26th Aug 2014. Time: 10am prompt
  3. Seminar :Topics: The Effects Euphorbia hirta and Acalypha wilkesiana decoctions on Albino Rats and BHK - 21 Cell Lines. Presenters: NEF/NVRI 2014 Toxicology Interns Moderator: Dr M.S Ahmed Executive Director Date: Thursday 21th Aug 2014. Time: 10am prompt
  5. Visit of the Hounarable Minister of Agricultural on the 10th February, 2014
  6. Seminar :Topics: Moringa Multinutrient Blocks: Formulation, Production and Feeding under a Tropical Environment. Presenters: Prof. A Fayomi Moderator: Dr Abdullahi Ahmed Date: Thursday 19th Sept 2013.
  7. Seminar :Topics: Sero-prevalence and Brucella Infection in Kachia Grazing Reserve, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Presenters: Dr A. M. Gusi Moderator: Dr R. A. Ocholi Date: Thursday 3rd Oct 2013.
  8. Seminar : Topics : 1. Molecular Detection of Leptospira Spp in Rodents ; Implication for Public health . 2. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Mycobacterium Tubercolosis Complex Infection among Slaughtered Cattle at Jos South Abattoir, Plateau State. Presenters:1. Dorcas Gado 2. Lilian Okeke Moderator: Dr R. A. Ocholi Date: Thursday 7th Nov 2013.
  9. Seminar :Topics: 1. Detection of Lead in Liver and Kidney of Slaughtered Cattle at Sokoto Central Abattoir, Sokoto State Nigeria.2. Cost Efficiency of Herd Health Management Programmes.

    Presenters: Dr Bala Akawu & Dr Isioma Ifendi Moderator: Dr L.U. Muhammad. Date: Thursday 5th Sept 2013.

  10. Seminar: Topic - Sub-chronic Toxicity Studies of the Stem Barks of Khaya senegalensis and Acacia sieberiana in Albino Rats.Presenters: Interns of NEF-NVRI Toxicological Internship Program. Chairman: Dr A. A. Makinde (FCVSN). Date: Thursday 22th Aug, 2013.

  11. Seminar - Topic: Reverse Zoonoses, the Transmission of Pandemic A/H1N1 Influeza virus from Human to pigs in Nigeria. Presenter: Dr Clement Meseko, Moderator: Dr T. M. Joannis. Date 1st Aug, 2013.
  12. Seminar - Topic: Binomial Regression Analysis of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection Data On 27th June, 2013. Presenter Mr. Ajibade A. Abraham. Moderator Dr Abraham G. Dogo
  13. NVRI 2013 Annual Research review meeting and Planning Workshop and 2013 North Central Zonal REFILS Workshop on the 17th of June, 2013.
  14. Seminar on Hepatitis Awareness delivered to the staff of NVRI by Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) on 5th of June, 2013.
  15. Sensitzation Seminar on the Intergrated Personnel Payrole Informations System (IPPIS) delivered to the staff of NVRI and the 2 colleges by the office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) on the 21st May, 2013.
  16. Staff Verification of NVRI, FCAH&PT and FCVM&LT carried out by the office of the Accountant General of the Federation from 13th-15th of May, 2013.
  17. Train –the-Trainer Workshop on Biosecurity in poultry production and marketing held at the Institute from 29th -30th April, 2013. Some papers presented; Biosecurity risks and principles, Biosecurity measures for backyard Farms,  Biosecurity measures for commercial Farms, Biosecurity for hatcheries, Biosecurity for Live Bird Markets.
  18. Training of Institute Staff on Website Development at InterSky Digital Jos, from April 8 May 6, 2013.
  19. Visit of the Plateau State Commisioner Of Police Mr Chris Olakpe (JP MNI)
  20. Hon. Commissioner Public Complaints Commission, plateau  state Hon. Gabriel Y. Bwan had on 3rd March, 2013 paid a courtesy visit to the Institute.
  21. Participants of the Senior Executive Course No. 35, National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies paid an orientation visit on 22nd February,2013.
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  1. Trade Fair  Lafia Nasarawa State                  12th – 16th October, 2012
  2. OIE Rabies Twinning Project       Central Diag. NVRI






1 10/2/2012 Participants of Senior Executive Course No34, 2012 Prof. Tijjani M Barde Orientation Visit
2 6/7/2012 Commander, Special Task Force Operation SAFE HAVEN Jos Major General Henry Apoola Courtesy call
3 7-8 Oct 2012 House Committee on Agriculture Mohammad Tahir Monguno

Over sight function

4 6/11/2012 Sector Commander FRSC Jos Mr Sunday Maku Courtesy call
5 14/11/2012 Armour Battalion Commanders Course 04/12 of the Nigerian Army Armour School, Bauchi P.J. Dauke Courtesy call
6 18/12/2012 League of Democratic Students (LEADS) Hon. Ochekwu Morgan National President Courtesy Visit and presentation of corporate Awards to NVRI and EDVR
7 18/12/2012 West African Students Union Parliament Lanota Chakibe Majority Leader Induction of the EDVR into the Kwame Nkruma Hall of Fame
8 12/3/2013 Hon. Commissioner, Public Complaints Commission, Plateau State Hon. Gabriel Y. Bwan Fom Courtesy Visit

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