Dr. David Shamaki
Ag Executive Director




1. Where is NVRI located?
Ans: NVRI is located in Vom, Plateau State, Nigeria with 23 Outstation Laboratories spread across the Country.  Please look at our “Contact Us” page for more information.
2. What does NVRI do?
Ans:  NVRI has the following mandate
To conduct Research into all aspects of animal diseases, their Treatment and Control.
To Develop and Produce Animal Vaccines, Sera and Biologicals to meet the National demand
To provide Surveillance and Diagnosis of animal diseases
To introduce Exotic Stock for improved egg, meat and milk production
To provide Extension Services to poultry and livestock farmers
To Train intermediate Manpower in Veterinary Laboratory Technology and Animal Health and Production Technology

3. Where do I get good breeds of chickens from?

Ans: NVRI does not produce commercial poultry. Good breeds are commercially available.

4. Can I report a disease outbreak on my farm to NVRI?

Ans: Yes, you can report to the Central Diagnostic Laboratory (CDL) in Vom, which also offers ambulatory services, post mortem examination and laboratory investigation. You can also report to the nearest outstation laboratory (See contact us).

5. What do I do if bitten by a dog?

Ans: If someone is bitten by a dog, the dog and the person can be brought to the Central Diagnostic laboratory Vom. If the dog is a restless stray dog, kill the dog and bring its head (fresh) to the CDL for laboratory confirmation. The victim should visit the hospital for post exposure treatment.

6. Can I bring my birds for post mortem in the case of a disease outbreak?

Ans: Yes, please present the carcasses to the CDL Vom (or the nearest outstation) and at least two weak birds to aid investigation. If you are coming from a distance, please transport carcass in cold storage.

7. Does NVRI offer short courses or organize workshops on animal health?

Ans: Yes, you can contact the Veterinary Extension Division (Visit Feedback) for more information on this

8. Does NVRI run clinical veterinary services in the main institute and its outstations?
Ans: Yes we offer Veterinary Outreach to livestock farms.

9. Where can we get NVRI vaccines and other products?
Ans: NVRI vaccines and other products can be purchased at the institute in Vom and its outstations. Please check our “Contact Us” page for the outstations closest to you.

10. How do I administer the vaccines to my animals?
Ans: Contact the nearest Veterinary Doctor.

11. What diseases do NVRI produce vaccines against?
Ans: Look at our “Vaccines and Products” page for all information concerning our vaccines.

12. How do I enroll into the NVRI Colleges?
Ans: Visit the colleges at Vom to enquire about the availability of admission forms or watch out for adverts in your local media.

13. Can I get extension guides on animal health?

Ans: Yes, extension guides are available at the Veterinary Extension Division of NVRI (see extension guides).

14. Are all the vaccines always available?

Ans: You can confirm the availability of vaccines on the "Customer Care" line of the Vaccine Sales Unit: 08166074786


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